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The Modern Man

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes by Thom Yorke Three months ago, Thom Yorke followed up his debut solo record, Eraser (2006, XL Records), with the most computer-based full-length album to date: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. It [Read On…]

The Forgotten Case of Kajieme Powell

Michael Brown’s death on August 9th was followed ten days later by the killing of Kajieme Powell, a twenty-five year old African-American male in St. Louis, Missouri. His death was even more [Read On…]

It’s Our Time!

On December 6th, to culminate the afternoon’s peaceful march through downtown Portland, Don’t Shoot PDX protesters regrouped in front of the Justice Building to establish goals and discuss ongoing strategies. Afterwards, the protest organizers handed [Read On…]

Just Doing Their Job?

This personal narrative is one among many persons with first-hand accounts of being wrongfully accused, stopped, or physically threatened in a casual manner by police. It would take the media endless time [Read On…]

Doug Haning & Friends Live 04.24.14

This collection of live recordings were performed improvisational at the Waypost in Portland, Oregon, on the twenty-fourth night of April, 2014. Doug Haning performs piano and curated the musicians. Jon Shaw, bass [Read On…]

Breathe For Justice

Publisher’s Note: The creative expression below is to be interpreted in the area of slam poetry because the writer improvises from her emotional instinct. As a protester, the writer offers a serious [Read On…]

A Dream of Blood and Soil

Bodyland by Oded Graf & Yossi Berg A man awakens within himself like a child in awe and moves on to do wondrous things in his reality rediscovered. What at first appears [Read On…]