Monthly Archives: January 2015

Missing Children

As I mow the backyard with a pushmower in a teal sportsbra white wine with ice cubes waiting for me on the deck, a middle-aged woman calls over the fence looking for [Read On…]

A World of Dance and Rhythm

Before the dancers came onto the floor at Polaris Dance Theater, this Saturday night for the Groovin Greenhouse performance, as part of Fertile Ground Festival, the floor shone an aquamarine blue in the dark [Read On…]

down: The Rabbit Hole

“I feel like I’m dissolving.” Clarity is a residence that we can’t always make out from a distance. It assembles itself sometimes only when we’ve exhausted the trail leading up to it. We know it’s there. [Read On…]

Things That Tie Together

Many forms of genius are better than one. There is athletic genius, the kind demonstrated from professional dancers and athletes. In the case of, for example, the Super Bowl, that genius has [Read On…]

Turiya Autry – Ep.24

Turiya Autry is a poet, teacher, and performer. She is performing her one-woman show, Roots, Reality & Rhyme as part of the Fertile Ground Festival 2015. We talk about education, power dynamics, youth [Read On…]


Our fickle yolk takes center stage atop cerulean coastal mountain plains. Hastily it dissipates and spreads its fiery golden legs on the horizon. With this comes a climax carving out relief for centuries gained [Read On…]