Monthly Archives: March 2015

Genesis I

Shallow drags summon the fate of one more fag. Sulfur scented lightning flash queues the unmet tolerance of oxygen sacks. We lack a name for a famed feeling whose greeting startles us [Read On…]

Tornadic Weather

The midwest throws neon colored food at us. We have something microscopic in our throats. The trees procreate with pink, twirling helicopters that Carmen decides magical. We go to to festival about [Read On…]

Louder When Beyond Words

At the Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland Thursday night, before the show got underway at Northwest Dance Project’s Louder than Words, Artistic Director Sarah Slipper and Executive Director Scott Lewis had announcements [Read On…]

At Least We All Eat Hummus

Last night, two performances were paired together for something that White Bird calls, New Israeli Voices in Dance, presented at Portland State University’s Lincoln Hall. It is part of their Uncaged program [Read On…]

The Forest and a Lonely Man

I knew there was going to be trouble within the first 10 minutes of Koinonia, an independent film directed by Andrew Finnigan and premiering at the Northwest Film Center March 19th. Koinonia [Read On…]

Does Silicon Pave Over Gold? Part Two

Day 2 The morning of Sunday, February 22nd began with Kate and myself around 7 AM, waking up in our cozy double-mattress at Green Tortoise Hostel, and a somewhat rude awakening of [Read On…]