Monthly Archives: August 2015

Belonging to Nowhere

Volunteer theatre troop reflects Asian life in the West in The Theory of Everything. In the new play by Prince Gomolvilas, a group of friends and family hang out on the rooftop of The [Read On…]

Hold Your Breath

How John Berry and Others Could Have Survived It was past two in the morning when the vintage buzzer to my apartment — the one connected by a single phone line from [Read On…]

Crowdsourcing for the Magazine

Please support this magazine and all the people that help make it happen. We are only going to improve it and build it and make it something special.


Sometimes, I still smell you on street corners. When the wet lust of the sun lays a lung on us. One long breath between the piss and the matrimony of skin and [Read On…]

Astronaut Austin

Astronaut Austin was in over his head. He didn’t quite know it at the time, as his ethereal and cosmological voyage was just beginning, but to see this fresh-faced, possibly-pretentious young man [Read On…]

Listening to Creative Kids

A week ago I went to see Arts Exit: Saving the Creative Kid at the Hollywood Theatre, a documentary film about the lack of funding for arts education in Portland’s public schools. [Read On…]

Two Davids Talking: One Famous, One Regular

A Movie Based on a Book Based on an Interview About a Book: James Ponsoldt’s The End of the Tour I’ve never read Infinite Jest. Due to its half a million-plus word [Read On…]