Monthly Archives: October 2015

What The Dead Live For

Last night at the La Muerte Baila performance at the Milagro Theatre in southeast Portland, I wrote down the name of a friend who passed away two years ago. The performance marked [Read On…]

Rus Archer Ep.33

Rus Archer returns to Horizon at End Times and we talk about economics and existence as economic humans. Having recently returned from an extensive period of travel, he, like many, face the [Read On…]

Show and Tell

Featured Image by Beatriz Albuquerque There are worse ways to spend an evening than hearing Bob-Bob tell the story about the time he brought a cow’s eyeball to school, and the kids [Read On…]


Illustration and short story by Jen Scholten I fell into a pool when I was young, as I fell into so many bodies of water in my youth. I was born on [Read On…]

Furrows of Worry

Illustration above by Keylay Tukor How economically motivated individuals trade Truth for belief. Home is where the heart is, so you’re never really homeless. This cliche might be mustered up by some [Read On…]

The Mother Load of Mother Earth

This Changes Everything illustrates what  Naomi Klein grapples with in her internationally bestselling book. At the beginning of This Changes Everything, Avi Lewis’ new documentary inspired by his wife’s climate change manifesto, a polar [Read On…]