Monthly Archives: December 2015

Las Vegas Stripped

A Travelogue of Photos and Text On our way from Tucson to Sacramento on a road trip last month, Sean Ongley and I found ourselves with two nights in Las Vegas, at Paris Hotel, at [Read On…]

What is Love.

What is Love is a short experimental video, aural-optical excursion into several anonymous figures’ thoughts on the grand topic of Love. Please enjoy this token of appreciation for the people in our lives [Read On…]

A Connected Society Doesn’t Forget

Anyone who is surprised by the doomed attempts of 31 United States governors to block Syrian refugees need not look further than the 1930’s, when American politicians barred Jewish women and children [Read On…]


Chapter Three — Monday What was I thinking? The mud from the river would act to preserve the body, not break it down. I had not been careful enough. It wasn’t until [Read On…]


The Miracle Worker reminds one of the gift of consciousness. Spoiler Caution: the following review assumes you are totally familiar with this classic play from 1960, as it is depicted in the [Read On…]

High School Dance

Northwest Dance Project is Young Again, on the East Side. For fans of the company, the annual winter show, In Good Company, is looked forward to, all year round. Their new inner [Read On…]

A Bizarre Holiday

The Cinema Project screened two hyper-hypnotic and abstract films last weekend — the aural-optical dreamy kaleidoscopic Chumlum and the similarly psychedelic, dissociating yet relatively graspable Christmas on Earth. It was an off-beat celebration of the [Read On…]


ILLUSTRATION AND  POEM  BY JEN SCHOLTEN Surf & water can as water can’t alone; film a languid layer on this tired white bone under lying milkskin, overgrown and riddled with existence. Reminisce [Read On…]