Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Capacity To Soar Above

A couple of hours after experiencing Hervé Koubi’s choreographed defiance of neat and sterilized political boundaries, What The Day Owes To The Night continues to spin in my head and ripple throughout [Read On…]

The Glamorous Life of a Grunge Icon

The Glamour and The Squalor Tells the Story of a Guy Who Helped Make Legends When most of us remember the iconic bellowing chorus of the song “Loser,” I’m a loser baby / so why [Read On…]

Empathy for Ahab

OR, THE WHALE BREATHES NEW AIR INTO THE SAILS OF A SINKING SHIP Coinciding the end of its run with the Fertile Ground Festival, Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) adapts Juli Crockett’s [Read On…]

Undress The Monster

Frankenstein: A Cabaret is a modern-day folk-opera about female sexuality, desire and creativity. Much grabs the attention in The Broken Planetarium’s presentation of Frankenstein: A Cabaret even before the show starts. On Thursday [Read On…]

American Comedy Finds Itself at Holocene

Contributing Editor, Kathleen Dolan American Comedy is a free monthly showcase, currently running at Holocene, curated and hosted by Jason Traeger, Milan Patel, and Paul Schlesinger, featuring a mostly local line-up. It [Read On…]

Este Does Not Make TV

Este Does Not Make a Movie premieres in Portland on January 20th at Clinton Street Theatre. Estevan and Nicholas Munoz join Sean Ongley for a look inside the reflection of the selves [Read On…]


Illustration by Jen Scholten I want to be a mother. Want to harness life inside of my own body. Want to validate and make use of this healthy hearty womanbody that I [Read On…]

Love and Free Jazz

Love and Free Jazz

Snail Meets West is two lo-fi songwriters nodding to Ornette. On the album’s download page the credits read, “Recorded in loving memory of Ornette Coleman.” The legendary pioneer of “free jazz” died [Read On…]