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I’m Writing a Story

My boyfriend is writing a story about a Native fisherman and his son. It is raining a lot and Portland is pale faced, getting puffy, she wears her clouds like a muu [Read On…]

Verselandia: On Their Terms

Representing High Schools Across The City, Twenty Students Performed Slam Poetry At Verselandia 2015. It is ten minutes until seven p.m. and MC Turiya Autry (artist, educator, facilitator, keynote speaker, lecturer, performer, [Read On…]

Tornadic Weather

The midwest throws neon colored food at us. We have something microscopic in our throats. The trees procreate with pink, twirling helicopters that Carmen decides magical. We go to to festival about [Read On…]

I Go To Look At A House

I go to look at a house to rent because it is Sunday my day off and I have to find a place by Tuesday my nine hour day so I go [Read On…]

Missing Children

As I mow the backyard with a pushmower in a teal sportsbra white wine with ice cubes waiting for me on the deck, a middle-aged woman calls over the fence looking for [Read On…]