Milk Crates and Paper Towels at T:BA:14

Days 9 & 11 at T:BA:14 Day 9 I got to the workshop with Larry Arrington and Ruairi Donovan a little bit late. Everyone was seated on the floor in the space just [Read On…]

Unknown Bodies

Days 6 ~ 8 at T:BA:14 Day 6 Tuesday was a day for reflection and rest. After work I finished up the review that I started in the morning and then headed over [Read On…]

What We See Through the Looking Glass

Days 6-8 at T:BA:14 Time-Based Dementia appears to be what I am going through at this point. Existential crankiness because you need a nap is not necessarily unpleasant. It is simply another [Read On…]

Is This Festival in the Act of Audiencing?

Day 5 at T:BA:14 has begun. Today marks the halfway point for T:BA:14. This evening I will be attending the U.S. Premiere of Luke George & Collaborators Not About Face. I attended [Read On…]

No Better Time to Transcend

Days 4-5 at T:BA:14 There is a transformative effect about the Time-Based Art Festival and many travellers are caught by the sirens song. These sirens are the curators and artists. Once drawn [Read On…]