Arts Review


Listening to Creative Kids

A week ago I went to see Arts Exit: Saving the Creative Kid at the Hollywood Theatre, a documentary film about the lack of funding for arts education in Portland’s public schools. [Read On…]

Two Davids Talking: One Famous, One Regular

A Movie Based on a Book Based on an Interview About a Book: James Ponsoldt’s The End of the Tour I’ve never read Infinite Jest. Due to its half a million-plus word [Read On…]

Inside Shakespeare’s Bardo

This week, Post5 Theatre exposed themselves unabashedly for being irreverent Shakespeare producers, by performing The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Revised. And Saturday night, they wrap up the Shakespeare season with [Read On…]

Phantom Parents

Jenny Scholten reviews Mothering Inside, a documentary film about incarcerated motherhood. When we consider prison, we imagine with dread an abysmal nothingness that is the partial fulfillment of basic needs and not much else. [Read On…]

Reflections of Donovan M. Smith

Young creative entrepreneur talks about his provocative clothing line and his hometown of Portland. The first time I met Donovan Mickey Smith was on a late-night Tri-Met city bus heading north to [Read On…]

The Planetary Dance, an Offering for Everyone

All photography by Sean Ongley The fifteen-mile drive to St. John’s from my home fostered many daydreams as a ride into the city will. I felt a spectrum of scattered thought-clouds from the last [Read On…]