Artists Repertory


Reviews of performances presented by Artists Repertory Theatre.


The Miracle Worker reminds one of the gift of consciousness. Spoiler Caution: the following review assumes you are totally familiar with this classic play from 1960, as it is depicted in the [Read On…]

Misunderstood: One Witch’s Story

“BROOMSTICK,” A PLAY ABOUT A WITCH WITH AN IDENTITY CRISIS COMES TO ARTISTS REPERTORY THEATER The lights come up on a witch’s cottage complete with a wall o’ potions and a number [Read On…]

How would Kafka point a gun?

The Artists Repertory Theater kicks off its season with Theresa Rebeck’s meta-comedy The Understudy. In a scene midway through Theresa Rebeck’s glimpse into the world of theater understudies, the question is repeatedly [Read On…]

The Liar Is A Charming Villain

As I trotted from the concession stand to Alder Stage at the Artist Repertory Theatre with hands full of shortbread, coffee, and a magazine-program for The Liar, I found my seat without [Read On…]

Abandoning Expectation

The delusion we have of expectation and reality is that they ever meet. They are strangers and star-crossed lovers at best. Even if the details of our day go almost exactly as [Read On…]

When You Can’t Hear Outside the Noise

For some reason, I keep confusing the name for “Slaves” when I am thinking about Tribes, the play currently running at Artists Repertory Theater in Southwest Portland. Supposing it was called “Slaves” [Read On…]

In Spirit of Being

I’m nearing my seat as my ears are met by the buttery notes of Bing Crosby’s “Love in Bloom.” I quickly nestle in, Merlot in hand, shortbread awaiting an eager tongue. With [Read On…]

Family Ties and The Mariel Boatlift

Five men and one woman traveling from Cuba to Florida are stranded on a fishing boat aimlessly drifting off course after a troublesome storm. They are exiles from Cuba during the summer [Read On…]