Sometimes, I still smell you on street corners. When the wet lust of the sun lays a lung on us. One long breath between the piss and the matrimony of skin and [Read On…]

Astronaut Austin

Astronaut Austin was in over his head. He didn’t quite know it at the time, as his ethereal and cosmological voyage was just beginning, but to see this fresh-faced, possibly-pretentious young man [Read On…]


Wore it like a witch tracing fingertips along a silver belly. Snake River. Shivered twice as onyx trailed behind, once for me, once for mine. Pagan whispers bade, inch closer, further the [Read On…]

On Being in Economics

Featured Image by Jax Ko A Philosophical Foundation for the Critique of Capitalism Everything in the world that is bought and sold using currency can be defined by its market in the [Read On…]

Goat’s Milk

A gentle cup in overflow finds the form of a shape so patient. Thumbs bristling inward graze on skin sprawling as a field of heather scented of earthy kin. They motion toward [Read On…]

I’m Writing a Story

My boyfriend is writing a story about a Native fisherman and his son. It is raining a lot and Portland is pale faced, getting puffy, she wears her clouds like a muu [Read On…]