Sometimes, I still smell you on street corners. When the wet lust of the sun lays a lung on us. One long breath between the piss and the matrimony of skin and [Read On…]


Wore it like a witch tracing fingertips along a silver belly. Snake River. Shivered twice as onyx trailed behind, once for me, once for mine. Pagan whispers bade, inch closer, further the [Read On…]

Goat’s Milk

A gentle cup in overflow finds the form of a shape so patient. Thumbs bristling inward graze on skin sprawling as a field of heather scented of earthy kin. They motion toward [Read On…]

Ode To Rudy

An ode to a resurrected  1977 VW Dasher on her maiden voyage through the Columbia Gorge. You started singing a Queen song, something about loving his automobile. Mary in the back, talking [Read On…]

Genesis I

Shallow drags summon the fate of one more fag. Sulfur scented lightning flash queues the unmet tolerance of oxygen sacks. We lack a name for a famed feeling whose greeting startles us [Read On…]

Missing Children

As I mow the backyard with a pushmower in a teal sportsbra white wine with ice cubes waiting for me on the deck, a middle-aged woman calls over the fence looking for [Read On…]