Astronaut Austin

Astronaut Austin was in over his head. He didn’t quite know it at the time, as his ethereal and cosmological voyage was just beginning, but to see this fresh-faced, possibly-pretentious young man [Read On…]

I’m Writing a Story

My boyfriend is writing a story about a Native fisherman and his son. It is raining a lot and Portland is pale faced, getting puffy, she wears her clouds like a muu [Read On…]

Two Days A Thorn

Kathleen Dolan tries out for a National Women’s Soccer League championship team, the Portland Thorns. Ten years ago now, at a public college in Southeastern New York, I played my best soccer during [Read On…]

Going Clear For Real

How I Grew Up Without Scientology “Do you see the table?” I nod yes. “Touch the table.” And I touch it. “Do you see the wall?” I nod yes. “Touch the wall.” [Read On…]

Tornadic Weather

The midwest throws neon colored food at us. We have something microscopic in our throats. The trees procreate with pink, twirling helicopters that Carmen decides magical. We go to to festival about [Read On…]

InterArts Dissolves Leaving CPJazz to the Faithful

After four growth years producing seven community festivals, InterArts has dissolved, leaving all assets with Jazz Society of Oregon. Between 2009 and 2013, InterArts presented St. Johns neighborhood community events including Cathedral [Read On…]