War & Peace


Where is Abdel Basset Sarout?

The silence of Basset stirs many rumors. He was a star in Syria as the national soccer team’s goalkeeper, and were he to have fled Syria like four million others since 2011, [Read On…]

Yemen Crisis and the Wheel of Contradiction

The Yemen Crisis only recently grabbed my attention during the usual morning routine of reading the news over breakfast. Lately, a story of violence, destruction, extremism, and political crisis breaks nearly everyday. [Read On…]

It Starts Today

Protests have dwindled in America since the onset and passing of the holiday season. This time of year has a way of breaking up our worst behavior, no matter what cultural persuasion [Read On…]

Goalkeeper of the Syrian Civil War

Abdel Basset Sarout joined the Syrian resistance against the regime of Bashar al-Assad through public appearance at protest rallies in Homs, June 2011, when military crackdowns on public demonstrations became increasingly violent. [Read On…]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 3)

The Red Line: Intervention in Syria and Iraq On August 21st, 2013, a chemical attack targets a Syrian rebel-held territory near Damascus, with surface rockets containing sarin, a deadly gas, killing more than [Read On…]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 2)

The Arab Spring On the seventeenth day of December, 2010, in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself aflame  after a lifetime of struggle with oppressive police conditions and poverty. Mohamed’s final act of life [Read On…]