Este Does Not Make TV

Este Does Not Make a Movie premieres in Portland on January 20th at Clinton Street Theatre. Estevan and Nicholas Munoz join Sean Ongley for a look inside the reflection of the selves [Read On…]

Talentless White Lady

Talentless White Lady

New Download at Union Pole via Butte County Free Music Society. I’m in a band just like Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, so watching Talentless White Lady (the Video pt 3] felt familiar. Some old [Read On…]

What is Love.

What is Love is a short experimental video, aural-optical excursion into several anonymous figures’ thoughts on the grand topic of Love. Please enjoy this token of appreciation for the people in our lives [Read On…]

For Belle

Jen Coleman is author of “Psalms for Dogs and Sorcerers” (Trembling Pillow Press) which was selected by poet Dara Wier for the 2013 Bob Kaufman book prize. Jen’s next volume of poems [Read On…]