About Thru Magazine

Every story contains the whole.

A multimedia magazine featuring arts and social commentary made by people reflecting the world with text, sound, photos and video. By covering established local arts presenters, we highlight talent across the world. The editorial section grapples with topics of universal importance while relating to local concerns. Contributors require zero formal training in journalism, rather, we are creatives finding insight from the process. We sound a unique voice, reflective like the artist with investigative rigor. We are unbroken by the corporate media worldview. There is no objective journalism. The writer is the writing.

Thru Magazine is privately owned by Thru Media LLC, based in Portland, Oregon, and its managers act as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. We happily offer for hire all the creative and technical services used to produce this magazine. Please inquire using our contact page if you have any questions.


To develop a brand new, not-just-for-profit publishing and production company reflecting the world in the mirror of relationship, wielding the power of media to fill social gaps, providing opportunities to the public with arts and culture, information, and social awareness.


Thru Magazine, formerly Ambit Mag, was founded in 2014 from a collaborative arts blog (InterArts) and a personal blog with podcast, Horizon at End Times that had been previously established. The word “Ambit” speaks to this idea of using a local position to foster global relationships. By July 2015, this idea had evolved into Thru Media LLC, and its first asset was the magazine. A new history unfolds.

Staff and Contributors

Publisher, Sean R. Ongley
Editor-in-Chief, Kathleen Dolan
Visual Marketing, Ingrid Horton
Calendar Editor, Jen Scholten
Becca Yenser
Booker Nelson
D. Todd Dickerson
Evan Wheeler
Estevan Munoz
Mae Pope
Paula Helen